Poor quality caps. Consider them more of a headsup that you simply have to watch the interview on KTLA5. The 5 seconds where Mädchen Amick meows will brighten your day. :)

Dream Lover (USA, 1993)

One of Mädchen Amick’s best performances. She lights up the screen! James Spader is quite okay as well. :)

I couldn’t embed the video, but you have to watch this interview (from KTLA 5 News). Mädchen Amick meows in it!!!

"Such a mouth on you."

Julia Ormond and Mädchen Amick. My goddesses.


"Poe Way Out"


"Poe Way Out"

Freya: Is this some sort of nightclub?
Wendy: It's more of an opium den slash brothel.
Freya: ... I worked here didn't I.
Joanna: We owned the place.
*strolls off*


The Beauty of Magic.


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