Sophie Turner plays Throne, Bone or Slay (x)


this is the second time ive gone to watch witches of east end and have it not be on like can yall have some better marketing or something to let people know when the fuck you air

The ratings are gonna suck this season, and it’s Lifetime’s own fault.


who has a link for witches of east end season 2 episode 8 i cant find it anywhere im so confused because it aired like 5 hours ago and it never takes this long for any show to get uploaded

It’s another two week break. Episode 8 will air next Sunday.

Happy 39th Birthday Sara Ramirez  {August 31, 1975}

That wonderful smile in the last gif.

Wendy Beauchamp face appreciation post 11/?


I’m a big fan of umlauts, so let’s do this thing.

imageImage credited to Fox 21

Let me warn you in advance: Don’t even think about picking up the novels this TV show is based on and expect to see Aunt Wendy, played by Mädchen Amick, to be gracing the pages. Amick’s character was…

When I go through the Ebola tag it’s clear most of these people have absolutely no idea about how WHO works or even the basics of the disease.


Stop fucking scaring people and get your damn facts straight assholes.