"Well, yeah, because every time Wendy puts herself in harm’s way. She’s doing it permanently, she’s sacrificing herself. And at one point, there’s something so tragic that happens in the family, that she’s willing to give up her last life."

          Mädchen Amick about the fact that Wendy is on her last life and if it will become even bigger parole this season (x)

Her saying “I know” about Wendy being on her last life … It’s so damn sweet. (But I fear this season will end with a cliffhanger that will crush me.)

Yet another red carpet interview with Mädchen Amick from Comic Con. Nothing really new is being said, but she looks so damn beautiful! I love the expression in her face and her silent “I know” when the interviewer says that Wendy is on her last life.

Finally finished The Vampire Diaries season 5. (So boring, what the heck has happened to one of my favorite shows?) Gonna binge watch the first season of The Originals now, and then it’s finally time for Defiance, a show I wouldn’t have given a chance if it wasn’t for tumblr. (Much like Lost Girl.) So thank you all blogs that I follow that introduce me to new shows. :)  

Icons, young Mädchen Amick


I made some icons with a young Mädchen Amick. Feel free to use them, or be inspired by them. :) I’m not sure if I’ve done them right. :)

Well, Brett said that Ward couldn't shoot the dog. In him I trust. We were right to believe that he couldn't find the courage to shoot Buddy. I 've always thought Garrett was the one who pulled the trigger and Brett confirming it, only corroborates our theories!


Well there you have it! :)

You are just so amazing. I feel for ward so much. I hope you get that interview with him. :)




I hope I get to meet him tomorrow! But he did acknowledge me MULTIPLE times during the panel today, gave STAND WITH WARD a shout out and said thank you when I chanted his name and STAND WITH WARD. :-)

Wish I had video….

Maybe in the live stream you’ll hear it.

Kid Coulson came to ask a question… He was basically like “how dare you….” So Brett was humoring him acting all scared (he had his destroyer gun by the way) but right before he walked off Brett told him “I hope you still stand with Ward”. I cheered. Most of the cheering you’ll hear whenever Brett talks is me actually. My entire section was like “you’re his biggest fan, aren’t you?”

Everyone I’ve met has basically told me the same thing when they hear I’m from Miami and that I also flew to ATL to see his independent film screen at the ATL festival.

Everyone is so nice and they’re like I really hope you get to meet him but mostly because I really hope he gets to meet you. I’m gonna try to do the signing tomorrow but it’s gonna be super hard. But I’m gonna try. Prayer circle!!

Anyway…. There was a few people trying to boo and I was just louder than they were. This one girl sitting 2 rows behind me started to boo at one point at the start of the panel and I turned around and screamed at her “don’t boo! that’s rude!” The room got really quiet after that and there was no more booing.

And if there was, you couldn’t hear it cause people cheered louder. :-)

Brett looked like he really liked having some hardcore backup. But that could just be the way I remember it.

He pointed at my section and said thank you as he was leaving the stage. I guess he found my general direction but he couldn’t actually see me because of the lights. But I was in the second row. And he was happy when he left. It wasn’t like Comicpalooza at all!!!

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Brett Dalton & Chloe Bennet talk Ward’s betrayal - SDCC 2014 (x)

"It’s the beard."

Ming Na Wen and Brett Dalton attend Comic Con in San Diego | July 25, 2014