Mädchen Amick photographed by Harry Langdon, 2000.

Amaaaaazing pic. Beautiful Mädchen Amick!


Mädchen Amick photographed by Harry Langdon, 2000.

Amaaaaazing pic. Beautiful Mädchen Amick!


Mädchen Amick 2004 Shahram Sanai Photo Shoot

One of Madchen Amick’s best photo shoots. I want to say these pics were taken in 2004 but I’m not entirely sure. She is gorgeous, as always.

So let’s say — just as a hypothetical for-instance — you are an 81-year-old star whose last movie was in 1991 and who hasn’t been to the Oscars in many a long year. Not that you were ever nominated for one in the first place; you were, after all, a sex symbol for most of your career. As the evening approaches, the anxiety sets in. Harsh lights, you think. High-definition cameras. And a public that remembers you chiefly as the ice goddess whose beauty once drove James Stewart to the brink of madness.

And even back then, when you were 25 years old, you worried constantly that no matter how you looked, it wasn’t good enough.

So a few weeks before the ceremony, you go to a doctor, and he says, “Relax honey. I have just the thing to make you fresh and dewy for the cameras.”

And you go to the Oscars, so nervous you clutch your fellow presenter’s hand. And the next day, you wake up to a bunch of cheap goddamn shots about your face.


Okay kids, we’ve all been hearing a lot about the situation in Ukraine and today marked a major development when Russia sent troops in. Here’s a quick breakdown that will hopefully clear up some questions and misconceptions floating around..


-Where: Ukraine is a country in eastern…


I’ve been following the situation in Ukraine all day and burning my eyes out so for all you not sure what’s going on right now here’s a brief mention of important things that have happened so far:

A quick and dirty summary of the protests and causes of the current situation

For you lazy…


If anyone from the Ukraine follows me 
I hope you stay safe
All my best wishes towards you


I do wonder though, why aren’t people of Tumblr talking about Ukraine? Because I see lots of things on my dashboard about human rights, equality and all that stuff, but hardly a single word about what’s happening right now in Ukraine, and that seems pretty fucking important that Russia is going to use military force on Ukrainian territory, they basically declared a war.


Praying for Ukraine tonight.

Do not let this story fall out of the news, this is an invasion, Russia is starting a war,

if you are Ukrainian please try and stay safe, we’re thinking of you


Hands off Ukraine!


Hands off Ukraine!

stop scrolling for a moment…


Russia’s invading Ukraine right now.