↳ Joanna & Wendy Beauchamp in the last two
     minutes of 02x09 Smells Like King Spirit

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Perfectly acted scene.

Marvel, please cast Mädchen Amick in one of your movies! She would be an excellent superhero.


Disgusted at the fact that the racist, homophobic anti-abortion etc shit party got 13% of the votes in Sweden.

Due to privatization, downsizing and tax cuts, poverty has increased, thus crime, panhandling and general malcontentment, which plays into the hands of right wing populist garbage like…

I feel the same way.



So, there was an election held here in Sweden yesterday. I quote the radio; “I feel mentally hungover”. A political party filled with nazis and racists got 13% of the votes. If a party gets more than 4% of the votes they get in to our parliament. 13% means they’re the third biggest party in…


13% of Swedish population just voted for racism.

13% of Swedish population just voted for sexism.

13% of Swedish population just voted for homo-hatred

I like my country but I’m getting the fuck out of here…

I feel the same way. So sad today.

Today, my biggest driving force is anger


Not even Sebastian Stan can make me happy today.

49 racist motherfuckers in the swedish parliament, 49. That’s how the swedish people voted. I feel sick.

I feel sad, angry, exhausted. What the heck has happened to my country?


pros: i’m happy the show is dealing with some of the issues i’ve addressed on this blog before (re: ingrid, dash and his grandfather, and dash lying and killing people). that’s good writing. i come from the w13 and ouat fandoms, so i’m used to being let down hard by the writers, as far as plot…


How to be evil:

  1. Call everyone a fool.

Mädchen Amick in the horror/sci-fi movie “Priest” (2011).

Some more pics of Mädchen Amick at Macy’s Fashion Rocks. (From